Indian Ringneck

Indian Ringneck Parakeets

These are some of the Indian Ringneck Mutations I am working with. This breed has become so popular because of the many colors that are being developed. Here are just a few of photos of some of the color mutations I am working with. A close friend Charles Collins a ringneck breeder for over 50 yrs and is a leader in the development of many new color mutations. He is a wiz with genetics. He is the first in the USA to produce a lot of unique colors. I thank him for his help and friendship.

We provide excellent bird breeding services which includes the following:  Indian Ingneck Parakeets, Parrot Breeds, Solomon Island Eclectus, Blue Front Amazon Parrots, Red Lord Amazon Parrots, Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Bourke's Parakeets, Indian Ringneck Mutations Parakeets, Quaker's Mutations Parakeets.

D and R Aviary specializes in color mutations of Indian Ringneck parakeets: Emeralds, American Dominant Pied, Australian  Dominant Pied (Harlequin), Opalins, Dominant Edged, Misty, Clearhead/Cleartail.

Many combinations of the above are available! Call Us at (319) 540-3448 for more information!

Below are a few of the birds produced this year: